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MU10 Silky Chicken Essence  #TAIWAN


代寄服務泰國&菲律賓。 含國際快捷EMS運費

Ship to Thailand & Philipine, No extra shipping fee



- Chicken consommé of Taiwan style. 台灣滴雞精

- Supply nutrition of chicken in easy way. 精華營養方便補充

- All about pure and natural. No addictive even water. 天然單純無添加

- Free to carry anywhere. No need to refrigerate. 常溫隨手包

- Very Suitable for pregnant women. 孕期忠實陪伴




MU10 Silky Chicken Essence Mk II is extracted from top quality chicken without any additive even water. All the silky chicken are raised healthily in our partner's farms and fed with fully-ripening plant formula.

Manufactured in HACCP  and ISO certificated factory, utilizing high-tech preservation of freshness, that ensures the product natural, clean and germ-free.

Zero fat, zero cholesterol, full of colloid, small molecular proteins and branched chain amino acid enhance health, strengthen the physique and also improve the beauty.

Owing to sterile condition inside package, the product can storage at room temperature up to 24 months.



- Recover and supply

- We lead the market on nutrition density issue. 營養密度領先市場

- Made of precious silky chicken. 嚴選珍貴烏骨雞

- Over 12 hrs extract tech originates from tradition. 12小時滴製繁複工藝



- Quick and easy body absorption. 小分子易吸收

- Full of tiny molecules of amino acid and peptide. 完整胺基酸&胜肽

- Wisdom of tradition accompany health always. 傳統智慧健康陪伴


Suitable for:

- pregnant women孕期女性

- growing children 成長期孩童

- the elderly 年長者

- recovering patients 療養恢復

- sports lover 運動恢復補充

- highly stressed person 長期壓力大

- improve constitution調理體質


Why silky chicken ? 為何是烏骨雞?

As an ancient species, Silky chicken is the most recommended meat by chinese-medical doctors. No matter who needs meat, Silky chicken is always the top choice. You may say it suits most of people's body condition. -中醫首選適合大多數人體質


What we lead :

-Nutrition Density

We have taken leading position on nutrition density issue. Each pack of Silky Chicken Essence supplies 10% protein for a adult daily need . Thank to the advanced extract tech. (10.4g/100ml@protein)

Tiny Molecules

According to test result, 90% of nutrition are in form of tiny molecules which means fast absorbing efficiency. Most of protein is well transformed into peptide and amino acid.



You can TRUST

- Ranch夥伴農場

All those silky chicken breeds in our partners' ranch. That ensures the concerns of quality and safety.

- Safety Inspection逐批檢驗

Of course, we work with third-party Lab. to examines safety of chicken batch by batch.

-HACCP、ÍSO22000 Certification

The factory we manufacture Silky chicken essence is certified by HACCP, ISO22000.


Word of mouth口碑

- high-end sales channel

Since 2013, despite MU10 official Website, our products vender to organic foodstores and high-end super market in Taiwan market.

- Overseas shipping多國銷售

We support overseas shipping service that brings Silky chicken essence to customers in many countries such as Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Australia, UK, Canada, US etc.

- Feedback客戶評價

Proudly, our customers give us very high rate of retention. Many customers come back us to purchase the package with higher quantity such 60 packs or 120 packs for frequent use.



-MU10 Silky Chicken Essence Mk II (60ml x 8pack into a box)

-Ingredients:Silky Chicken Extract

-Total net weight:60ml * 8 bags

-Preservation:Keep the product in dry and cool place away from sunlight.

-Place of Origin: Taiwan

-Shelf-time: 24 months at Room Temperature

-Expire Date: Marked on packing



-1 Pouches per Day per Adult.

-1/2 Pouch per Day per child under age of 3 years.

-For individuals with serious illness, please check with your doctor before use.


How to Prepare

1.Boiling water heating

 Put whole pouch in boiling water for 2 min. Then open bag for drink.

2.Hot water bathing

 Put whole pouch in hot water for 5 min. Then open bag for drink.

3.Use as the broth: to cook with foods.



*Before using a microwave to heat, do remove the aluminum bag.

*For infant, young child and patient of kidney disease, please consult the doctor before use.

*The product is abstracted from diverse batches of natural silky chicken materials, and there may be differences in color and flavor.

8包/組 - 1810(NT)(免運費)

優惠-20包/組- 3800(NT)(免運費)

優惠-60包/組- 8260(NT)(免運費)

優惠-120包/組- 16020(NT)(免運費)







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